Sunday, November 20, 2005

Its your life!

Sigh! Roger Federer just lost in the finals of the Masters cup in Shanghai and I, being a great fan of the game and an even greater admirer of the man, am naturally very disappointed to the point of sulking. What makes this loss even more painful is the fact that he was on the verge of creating history by winning the highest number of consecutive matches in the Open era. But alas! that was not to be. The law of averages finally caught up with him.

But why am I feeling disappointed? Did i lose the match? No. Did I fall short of creating history? No. Then why is it that I feel a sharp pain in my heart? I think it is because of my admiration for someone who has done things in a way no one has ever done it before, because each time he plays, I put myself in his shoes and his every loss is like a personal loss to me, because he is doing something I've always wanted to do but could not, whatever the reason. I've had and still have the same feeling each time India loses in a game of cricket or Anand loses in a game of chess.
But that's all it is - a feeling of disappointment which fades away in a few days and I am back to my original self until "my" next loss.

But there are people who take these sentiments to such an extreme level so as to cause harm to themselves or to the people surrounding them. There are instances where people have ended their lives or worse, caused public damage, just because the team (s)he supported lost or because his(her) idol faced a setback. One of my friends from high school destroyed the TV in his house when India lost in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. What I fail to understand is the reason behind such fanaticism. If they stop to think for a while before launching themselves into something stupid, they'd realize that its, after all a game, a single instance of failure, and that its not the end of the world. One's life is far too precious to be given up for such frivolity( as I see it). I hope people realize this soon enough so that we don't have to keep reading about such foolhardy behavior. For now though, I am still sulking and contemplating destroying my laptop........Just kidding :). Cheers.