Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weekends of fun

I am a lazy person by nature but lately, my laziness has acquired frightening proportions. This has largely been responsible for the inactivity in my blog for the past couple of weeks. As my friend Raman puts it, I have become an "insistent" blogger - one who blogs on insistence from others, from being a consistent blogger. The insistence, or should I say persistence, this time, came from Raman himself. He has been prodding me for the past few days to write and he being one of my consistent readers, I acceded to his persistence.

My past couple of weekends have been chock-full of activity with the weekend before last being Memorial day long weekend. One of my friends from undergrad is getting hitched on the 12th of this month and so K and I felt it was the right opportunity to visit him one last time before he was expelled from the elite bachelors' club. So we set out on Friday(27th May) evening, enjoying nature's bounty in the mountains of West Virginia along the way, to reach Raleigh, NC just shy of midnight, in time for a sumptuous meal of chana masala and rasam, courtesy of my friend, P. After the usual friendly banters, pleasantries and a good meal, we watched a telugu movie "Anand". A nice clean love story. It was around 3 AM when we went to bed and as we had nothing planned the next day, we were happy in the knowledge that we could afford to sleep well. As expected, "Good morning" the next day for us was around noon. We got ready in about an hour and decided to go jet-skiing in a nearby lake ,Lake Jordan. But on getting there, after a drive through Reasearch Triangle Park, we found out, much to our chagrin, that there was no jet-skiing there. The girl in charge of the rentals was a hottie and we weren't ready to leave just yet. So we decided to do the next best thing which was to rent a motor boat. Well, it turned out that all the motor boats were booked for that day and the next, and so we had to book one for 8 AM Monday, the day of our return. On our way back, we stopped at a golf driving range and decided to try our driving skills. We weren't bad but the unanimous decision was that I was the one who was most likely to give Tiger Woods a run for his money, ain't it so, guys?

Our next stop was Durham, the home of the Duke Blue Devils. We visited the beautiful Duke chapel built in the Gothic style and the serene Sarah P. Duke Botanical Gardens. All this hard work whetted our appetite and off we went to the nearest Indian restaurant. K (who has an eye for cuties) was eyeing a pretty lady in the restaurant and going ga-ga over her and the very next moment he realized she was a mother of two. P and I burst out laughing, consoled poor K and went on with our dinner. After a great dinner, we headed home, totally pooped out, and settled on the sofas to watch "My brother....Nikhil". We had decided that day that we'd be leaving early the next morning for Asheville, a good 3 hrs drive, for some white water rafting and trekking. But a late nighter did not bode well for our Asheville trip. It was hardly surprising then, that when I woke K and P the next morning at 7:30, I got a "screw Asheville, let's get some sleep, dude" for a reply. I was only too happy to go back to dreamland. And so we all woke up around 12:30 PM, got dressed, went to an entertainment center and did some go-karting, mini-golfing and some baseball hits. It was then I realized I was a natural at baseball and contemplated taking it up full-time. But then the thought of putting A-Rod and Barry Bonds out of work prevented me from doing so. What a player the world has missed(sigh)!!. Next on the agenda was a movie on Coral reefs at the local Imax theater and rounded off the evening with a nice biryani take-out and the movie "Lagaan". I have watched this movie 50 times and I know most of the dialogues by heart but it captivates me even today. We woke up early next morning and kept our appointment with the hottie at Lake Jordan. We rented a nice 4-seater motor boat and cruised on the lake for about 3 hrs taking turns driving it. It totally rocked except for a minor hiccup when P drove too much into the shallows and the rotor got stuck in the mud. We had paddle our way out of it. This was followed by lunch and the trip back to Lexington. That fun trip took care of the entire long weekend.

This Saturday was a day at the movies. A couple of my friends and I watched the 'Cinderella Man', the first time in years that I paid $6.75 to watch a movie. The movie was good, not great. Sunday was a day of great fun with a bunch of friends at Paramount King's Island in Mason just outside Cincinnati. I somehow can't get enough of thrill rides, no matter how many times I go on them. At the end of a very long and fun-filled day, I was delighted to discover a couple of friends in our gang who were just as crazy as I was about thrill rides and were willing to risk the ire of the entire gang to go on one last ride with me, the 'Extreme skyflyer'. This is as close as you will ever get to bungee-jumping in this part of the world. A fitting finale to an adrenalin-pumping day.

That was an account of my past two weekends.

PS: For those unaware of this fact, K and I have been friends since undergrad.


At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 9:37:00 PM, Blogger DR said...

Seems like you have been having a lot of fun for the past few weeks! I will cherish the Skyflyer experience too! :)

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 2:55:00 AM, Blogger virumandi said...

macchi..asathitae po..but i dont think u can put in all the experiences of, may be, three weeks into two paragraphs of blog..right??i really hope it was more fun than i what i read!!!

OK, u guys went to c ur friend for the last time before he is chucked out of elite club..but did u guys give him a bachelor's party???? adhu ellam mandaila varathae!!!!

"It was then I realized I was a natural at 'base-ball' and contemplated taking it up full-time"..okey dokey..do it man!!!!

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 7:54:00 AM, Blogger subramoni said...

dr- Thanks for stopping by. I hope i get to do more such adventure stuff in the future :).

Virumandi- absolutely da. A few paragraphs cannot do justice to the amount of fun we had. Bachelor party le indha pasangaluku interest illai da :(. Barry bonds pozhachu poattum nu vittuten baseball a naan ;).

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 11:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjamaai !!

A big blog and was fun reading!


At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 11:24:00 AM, Blogger subramoni said...

Vaada, enjamai raja. Eppidi irudhudhu England trip? Apparam pesaraen onnode. Thanks for the comment.

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 5:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude awesome report... u forgot our lunch at Jersey Mike's (was it?) and P's go-karting "on the road" that Sunday...u've covered everything else...

Always wanted to ask u why ur CS masters project report was so thin. :). From now on, I will not insist someone to be persistent however lazy u may be in being consistent...hehehe...just kidding...nice description ra...relived some of our best moments...didn't we...


At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 7:26:00 PM, Blogger subramoni said...

Thanks ra K(&)P :). Definitely.

At Monday, June 20, 2005 1:35:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok enough of books...I am tagging u in a different way...write a blog listing the movies that u saw recently...


At Tuesday, June 21, 2005 9:32:00 AM, Blogger dinesh said...


Youre tagged. Take a look !

At Tuesday, June 21, 2005 11:27:00 AM, Blogger Prabhu said...

u tagged on my blog too!
and its a different tag :)

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